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Dementia Caregiver Consultations

Are you involved in the care of an individual that is living with dementia and feel like you need education, support or simply a listening ear? Part of the Family would love to speak with you! 

Dementia Caregiver Consultations are provided virtually, through Zoom, for one hour with Libby Gilden. After the consultation, you will receive an in depth post-consultation review document covering all of the topics discussed. 

During the consultation you will gain a better understanding of dementia, be provided with real- world solutions to the challenges you are facing, and receive direction in planning for what's to come. 


Your consultation will highlight:

  • The definition of dementia, the different types of dementia, and the most common symptoms 

  • The stages of dementia and the amount of support each requires

  • Tips and tricks for common problems of care such as issues during dressing, showering, taking medicine, eating, etc.

  • Training on communication techniques and approach strategies

  • Recommendations for meaningful and engaging activities 

  • Recommendations for appropriate community resources and assistance in creating a "care team"

  • Guidance in understanding the different levels of care communities, the services they provide, and appropriate options for your loved one

  • Understanding in the expectations of the progression of dementia

Our goal is that you gain new information and personalized information that will help improve the quality of life and day-to-day care for your individual living with dementia.


Frequently Asked Dementia Caregiver Consultation Questions


 Who are considered "caregivers" ?

Caring for a person with dementia involves a team of people. You may be a friend, sibling, spouse, hair dresser, restaurant worker, neighbor, or simply know someone that is living with dementia.  Whether you provide daily caregiving, participate in decision making, or purely care about a person living with dementia Part of the Family looks forward to speaking with you. 

Can more than one person join the consultation ?

Of course! If you choose to participate in a virtual consultation you will receive a Zoom link that you are welcome to share with family or friends of your choice. 

Can I have a consultation that is less than an hour?

At this time Part of the Family is only offering 1 hour consultations. For other options please visit our Dementia Coaching and Support Services page. 

What information do you NOT cover during consultations?

During our Dementia Caregiver Consultations, Part of the Family does not: (1) Diagnose dementia or any other medical condition, (2) Evaluate the individual living with dementia, (3) Purchase equipment or devices, or (4) Bill insurance.

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